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Pilot Training

Earning your pilot’s license is a rewarding and challenging experience. With several aircraft and pilots available for all your training needs, you can obtain your license within months. Southern Air flight instructors are FAA certified to instruct private pilot, instrument,commercial, multi-engine, ATP, and flight instructor training. Whether you want to learn for the occasional sightseeing tour or you want to start building time towards an aviation career, Southern Air will guide you through the process while you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Crystal Coast!

Discovery Flight Lesson – $100.00

For those who are unsure if flying is right for you, we offer a special Introductory Flight Lesson whereyou will meet your instructor, learn about the basics of flying, and take the controls for yourself (undersupervision of a flight instructor) in a discovery flight.

Flight Lesson includes 30 minutes of flight time and approx. 30 minutes of ground instruction.

*Price quoted in Cessna 172N model.Option also available in Cessna 172SP model for $25 more.

Hourly Rates

$35.00/hr – Private Pilot Instruction

$45.00/hr – Instrument Pilot Instruction

$55.00/hr – Pilot Services

$110.00/hr – Cessna 172N Rental

$140.00/hr – Cessna 172SP Rental

Private Pilot’s License Requirements
• Minimum 40 logged flight hours
• Pass FAA Written Exam
• Pass FAA Oral Exam with FAA Examiner
• Pass FAA Check Ride with FAA Examiner
• Pass 3rd Class FAA Flight Physical