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Aircraft Rental

Come explore the Crystal Coast in one of our C-172 rental airplanes. Certified pilots, with a Southern Air checkout, can rent one of our airplanes and take a leisurely tour while on vacation or take the plane on a ‘cross-country’ trip to the destination of their choice.

Take the family on a tour of the beaches and circle the lighthouse at your own pace. Fly up to Howard’s Pub on Ocracoke Island for lunch or continue up the Outer Banks to the Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawk. Our aircraft are maintained under FAR Part 61 FAA standards by certified, experienced I.A. mechanics.

1977 Cessna 172N: $115.00 per hour.

2001 Cessna 172SP: $145.00 per hour.

• Fuel is included in all rental prices.
• 3 hour per day minimum when taking the plane for a full day.
• Rates subject to change without notice.

Checkout in 1977 C-172N consists of 1 hr. minimum dual instruction with one of our certifiedflight instructors.

Checkout in 2001 C-172SP consists of 1 hr. minimum dual instruction if more than 500 hoursTT or 2 hrs minimum dual instruction if less than 500 hours TT.